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Sunsets, puppies and long walks on the beach….that’s all it took to get my morning show co-host and real-life wife, Kim, to fall in love with me. Lol!You can laugh, but it’s not that far off from reality.

Born and raised in California (before the Silicon Valley technology boom ruined the state). I’ve never been a big city kinda guy, preferring more remote, less populated towns and areas.I started my love of radio by listening to some of the all-time great San Francisco radio stations Djs, such as Doctor Don Rose on the Big 610 – KFRC, Don Sherwood and Al “Jazzbo” Collins on KSFO, and Emperor Gene Nelson on 1260 KYA.

While in college I pulled campus FM station shifts while majoring in mass communications and freelancing for local and region daily newspapers as a photographer/reporter.

Photojournalism jobs lured me away from the microphone for a while, as I spent several decades working for a variety of daily and weekly papers in Northern California.

I also pursued another passion during the late 1980s and 1990s – cooking. I spent three years in the American Culinary Federation chef apprenticeship program, and then worked my way up to lead a number of restaurant and winery kitchens in California and on the Washington Coast.

But it was when working for a daily newspaper in the Gold Country of California in the early 2000s that I was offered a job back in radio as news director for a group of radio stations there. That’s where I met Kim, who had just arrived to work on-air after a move from stations in Madison, Wisconsin. We have since worked together at radio stations in Washington, Colorado and Minnesota.

We’d never hosted a morning show together before, but thought it would be fun some day. We had the opportunity two years ago for KFMC, and it’s been a real blast. We get asked all the time what its like to work with your spouse every day. So far it’s been a great ride! Kim puts up with my shenanigans on the air just like at home. I’ve worked on-air for the Fairmont stations for more than eight years.

My other passions are, of course, photography, music (I was a semi-pro drummer “back in the day”) camping, off-road/ four wheel, railroading – both real and model (I worked as a brakeman/conductor for a railroad museum), cooking, writing, good cigars and cheap whiskey!

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