Two years ago, the governing board of Lakeview Methodist Health Services decided to remodel its facility.
Due to the closure of Mayo Clinic – Fairmont’s nursing home and childcare center, Lakeview Methodist took in those patients and children as part of their services.
It was later decided that a new facility rather than a remodel would make more sense to compensate for the increased amount of patients.
Now, Mayo is returning the generosity with a $25,000 donation toward building a brand new facility which is expected to usher in an improved quality of care.

Many of the improvements in the new center will modernize amenities and features of the old building which was built in 1963.The hope is to make Lakeview Methodist feel more like home.

While Mayo’s gift is a boost for the new care center, Lakeview still needs support from the community to complete the estimated $20 million project.

Overhead Door