The Fairmont Area School Board Tuesday acted on personnel issues of medical leave,extended contract ,retirement and resignation and accepted a donation from Kwik Trip,as part of its Milk Moola Program, of $151.05 to Fairmont Elementary to be used for student activities.

Superintendent Joe Brown explained to the school board on Tuesday how he goes about deciding school delays and closures because of the weather. I always call the bus service first to see what they feel, and then I call the superintendent to the east at Granada-Huntley-East Chain, and then I call the superintendent to the west at Martin County West. We try to make a decision that’s the same for the entire county,” Brown explained.

He mentioned his decision Friday to bring students to school, and then within the hour to send them home due to safety concerns. Brown said in retrospect he feels like he should have called a two-hour late start Friday.

“They told us in graduate school this would be the hardest decision we’d have to make as a superintendent,” he said. “If we err at all, we’re going to err on the side of safety.”

The Fairmont Area School Board meeting concluded with reports from board members on recent meetings, trainings and leadership conferences.

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