This week, members of the state legislature set out on a statewide tour to visit project sites in hopes of gathering crucial information for a new bonding bill.

On Thursday, lawmakers will be traveling to various local areas, including Fairmont, Blue Earth, Lewisville, Lake Crystal, North Mankato, and New Ulm, among others.

According to legislators, this bonding tour serves as a crucial opportunity to personally examine the proposed projects, whose funding will be put to a vote in the upcoming months. By getting a closer look, lawmakers hope to gain a better understanding of the impact and benefits these projects will bring to their communities.

For supporters of these projects, the tour is a chance to showcase their ideas and garner much-needed funding. As the saying goes,seeing is believing,” and project leaders believe that touring the sites will provide legislators with a tangible understanding of the importance of these projects. Notably, securing half of the necessary funds through a bond would allow project leaders to start construction immediately.

The bonding bill, which is typically considered every two years, is a critical component of the state budget and allocates funds for various infrastructure and community projects.