Martin County Commissioners on Tuesday heard from Emergency Management Director Abigail Nesbit, who gave an update on COVID-19 in the county.

Nesbit said the state is preparing to dust off its animal and agriculture mass fatality plans.

“That’s just in case we have some issues with big plants shutting down and have to deal with animal carcasses,” she said. “I know we have a lot of hog business here and I haven’t heard of a lot of disruption but, just in case, we do have that plan in our emergency operations plan. So we’re going to be taking a look at that.”

Pam Flitter of Planning and Zoning also shared information on the issue.

“When Abby was talking about the animal carcasses, as far as feedlots, we are greatly involved with the Minnesota Board of Animal Health,” she said. “They are in connection with us and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, talking about how and if this really affects us.

“A lot of our producers already have contracts with a rendering service and I know that they are working with them to continue with that. We have quite a few producers who also compost, so they are continuing with that.

“One of the producers I talked to was very concerned because he said his pigs were gaining two and a half pounds per day. They’re trying to cut back on the feed but it doesn’t really help. But as far as I know, everybody is doing all right with what they have, so we’ll continue to keep an eye on it.”