Martin County Commissioners Tuesday had their most contentious moment of the new year so far with a vote on designation of the official legal newspaper. The board approved a motion designating the Truman Tribune as the official legal newspaper for 2021, which had the low bid, after some intense discussion. Other bids came from the Fairmont Photo Press that had this past year’s low bid and the Fairmont Sentinel. The discussion centered around acceptjng the low bid or the paper with the highest circulation and most outreach in the county.According to County Attorney Terry Viesselman, Minnesota statute states that the bid is to go to the lowest bidder but the board may reject any offer if, in its judgment, the public interest so requires. The first vote on a motion to accept the low bid of the Tribune ended in a 2-2 tie with new Board Chair Elliott Belgard and past chair Steve Flohrs voting yes and Commmissioners Kathy Smith and Richard Koons, the new Vice Chair, voting no. The tie resulted because there are only four commissioners until a Special Election on Feb. 9 to decide the winner of the vacant 2nd District seat. For the cause of unity Commissioner Smith then moved to accept the bid of the Truman Tribune for this year. The vote on that motion was approved unanimously by the board members present.