Are you someone who is not currently on the COVID-19 vaccine priority list and have been wondering when you might be able to receive your shot?
 State Representative Bjorn Olson (R-Elmore) said the State now has a tool that will help you in this process.
 “Currently, many COVID-19 vaccinations are being prioritized for people who are over the age of 65, or are employed in health care or education,” Olson said. “Now the state has provided a resource that will allow you to basically get in line if you don’t fall into the priority categories.”
 Olson said the Minnesota Department of Health announced a new tool for all Minnesotans to sign up to receive an alert when there is a vaccine available to them — regardless if they are currently eligible to receive one.
 The “Vaccine Connector” is a resource for all Minnesotans who have not yet been vaccinated, and it will get you information about when, where, and how you can get the vaccine – and will notify you when it’s your turn for a shot.
Olson noted you don’t need to sign up if:
You have already received your COVID-19 vaccine.
You previously registered for our COVID-19 Vaccine Pilot Program or the COVID-19 Community Vaccination Program.
You completed the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Education and Child Care survey.
Olson also said if you are eligible to get vaccinated right now, you do not have to wait for information from the Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector before you get your shot. He also added that If your health care provider or employer contacts you about making an appointment, or if you have another opportunity to get vaccinated, you can and should do that.