The Fairmont Fireworks display is one of the largest in south central Minnesota and is
shot from the west side of Lake Sisseton, across from Ward Park in Fairmont.
The display will start at approximately 10 P.M. or when darkness/conditions permit on Sunday, July 4th.
Beginning at 6 P.M. a salute will be shot every hour on the hour as a reminder.

With the display being shot from the west side of Sisseton Lake in the immediate vicinity
of the bike/walking trail, the trail will be closed beginning at 8:30 A.M. the morning of the
Fourth. Due to federal regulations, safety of the public and wiring which runs across
the bike/walk trail, citizens are asked to stay off the trail or police will be called.

Boaters are asked to keep wakes at a minimum starting at 8:30 the evening of the Fourth
due to fireworks which are set off near the shore (as the lake level is somewhat low
this year).

This is the 28th consecutive year the fireworks display is being conducted by members of
the Fairmont Fire Department.

Questions can be directed to Sam Cress, fireworks chair, 236-6413.