– Governor Walz announced recently that his stay-at-home order will expire on Monday, May 18, meaning he will allow more, but not all, businesses to re-open.


“It’s a step in the right direction, but yet another example of the governor picking winners and losers,” said State Representative Bob Gunther (R-Fairmont). “For months now, our businesses have been developing plans so they can safely re-open while protecting employees and their customers, and many of them are still waiting for the Governor to decide when they can continue making a living.”


Gunther said its clear the governor made some movement due to the voices of Minnesotans who have shared their thoughts with him and with their legislators.  He notes more work remains, as restaurants, bars, churches, hair salons and others only have a suggestion that June 1 might be their targeted opening date.


Gunther said the problem remains that with the Governor Walz’ recent decisions, he will continue to be sole decision maker in this state – leaving the legislature without a voice in the process.


“Moving forward, we have to protect the vulnerable and keep people safe while giving our residents their freedoms back,” Gunther said. “Let’s hope by June 1 we have good news to report for those who remain unable to return to work due to the Governor’s actions.”