A Jackson man has been sentenced for his actions of violating women‘s privacy in a workplace bathroom. 39-year-old Kurtiss Gusch was convicted of gross misdemeanor interfering with privacy by using a surreptitious device.

The court case, which took place on Wednesday, ended with Judge Darci J. Bentz ordering Gusch to one year of supervised probation. However, Gusch will be required to spend 360 days in jail if he violates his probation terms within the next year.

In addition, Gusch must attend therapy sessions as part of his sentence.

The incident was first reported in May by a human resources employee at Ametek in Jackson. The employee informed the police that one of their coworkers had discovered a cell phone mounted inside the toilet tank in the women‘s restroom.

Court documents reveal that the cell phone was purposely positioned with a homemade bracket facing the stall, allowing it to record women‘s private moments while using the restroom. As authorities discovered more evidence, it was revealed that recordings on the confiscated phone showed intimate parts of the bathroom users. They also found footage of Gusch setting up the cell phone in the women‘s restroom.

During the investigation, Gusch admitted to placing the phone in the restroom