Martin County Sheriff Jeff Markquart gave another Facebook video update concerning the COVID-19 virus. He stated that the county now has 29 positive cases and issued a reminder that residents should take the matter seriously. “Today we’re up four more, and one more would be an even 30 and we’ve had three deaths in the county. 10 percent of our positive tests in Martin County have passed away and that’s terrible. Most of our positives today are from community spread, meaning people are talking and getting too close and still getting together as groups.We need to really be conscious of these groups that are getting together.”

Markquart reminded those out for walks not to gather in groups, as well as for parents to keep their children from getting together with friends despite the difficulty of doing so.

“I’ve talked with the city and I believe [city parks] are still open, but I know they don’t want you to play on the equipment because that stuff doesn’t get sanitized and scrubbed down every day. We have to be watching our social distancing and try to keep at six feet.”