To prepare for the next phases of COVID-19 vaccinations, Mayo Clinic Health System will open a COVID-19 vaccination center in Mankato on Monday, Feb. 15
The center, which will be located at 1315 Stadium Road, will be open for appointments only. The new COVID-19 vaccination center will have ample parking and more indoor space.
Appointments at the vaccination center will be determined by weekly state vaccine allocations. Patients who meet vaccination eligibility criteria will be identified, and Mayo Clinic Health System will contact these patients in advance. Walk-in appointments will not be available.
Patients with a Patient Online Services account will receive a message in Patient Online Services when they are eligible to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated for COVID-19. Patient Online Services, Mayo Clinic Health System’s patient portal, will be the fastest and most convenient way to be notified of eligibility and schedule a COVID-19 vaccination appointment. To create a free account, Mayo Clinic Health System patients can visit the Mayo Clinic Health System website and select “Create your account.” Patients without a Patient Online Services account will be notified by letter inviting them to schedule their appointment.
Mayo Clinic Health System is receiving limited doses of COVID-19 vaccines, so demand for COVID-19 vaccines is likely to exceed supply for some time.
Updated information will be posted on the Mayo Clinic Health System website and Mayo Clinic Health System’s social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Patients also are encouraged to monitor the websites for their state and county public health departments.