Representative Jeremy Munson (23B- Lake Crystal) made the following statement regarding a bill  that passed the Minnesota House and heads to the Governor for his signature.

I am proud to have been a House author on a bill that was authored in Senate by Senator Karin Housley.  This bill allows freelance hairstyle and makeup artists who work at special events such as weddings and graduations to conduct their businesses free from government interference.  The Board of Cosmetology was looking to expand its control and impose a cost and regulatory burden on yet another type of business.  No public interest would have been served. It would have been a barrier to entry for an industry that is self-policing. People succeed or fail by reputation.  Fortunately, the House and Senate agreed to stop this bureaucratic interference.  The time could not be better as these talented individuals cannot work at this time due to the Governor’s executive orders and the Peacetime Emergency. They need to return to work soon, and when they do, at least they won’t have the government looking over their shoulder.