Minnesota saw a drastic increase in speeding violations during July, with over 20,000 citations being issued statewide. 291 agencies took part in the month long law enforcement campaign, with 47 of them reporting drivers going as fast as 100 mph.

The St. Paul Police Department issued the highest number of citations in the metro area, with 770, followed by Eden Prairie with 367. The highest out of state was Elk River with 430. In addition to sending thousands of drivers off with a ticket, police also arrested 14 drivers for DWI after pulling them over for speeding in Eden Prairie. Crystal police stopped a driver for speeding at 112 mph, with a BAC of .25.

This year’s total almost matches 2019’s, where 21,439 citations were issued, however the COVID pandemic saw a noticeable decrease in 2020 to 16,122.