Former Fairmont City Council member  Darin  Rahm will serve more than three years in prison for theft by swindle. A Lyon County District Court judge ruled this week and  the 49 year old Rahm was sentenced for crimes related to his work as the former director of the Marshall Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Rahm was sentenced on seven counts of theft. Each count carried a separate sentence, ranging from 366 days to 68 months in prison. The judge ruled that Rahm will serve all the sentences concurrently. He will serve at least two thirds of the five-plus year sentence in prison, with up to one third of the sentence on supervised release. Rahm will serve around 45 months in prison.

His sentence also includes paying more than $265,000 in restitution and a $1,000 fine. The judge granted a request from prosecutors that Rahm’s frozen assets be turned over to court administration and used to pay restitution.

Rahm pleaded guilty to the theft counts in May.

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