The Fairmont Area School Board on Tuesday heard from the district’s business manager, Chris Muhvich, who went over the preliminary budget for the 2019-2020 school year. The projected ending balance for next school year is $9.96 million. The board approved the preliminary budget.

Board member Dan Brookens gave a brief report on the operations committee meeting. He said the group discussed plans to seal coat and repair the parking lot at the high school this year.

“We received two bids. The engineer’s estimate was approximately $109,000. The two bids we got were more than 50 percent higher, we believe due to how busy construction companies are this year,” Brookens said.

He said the committee rejected the bids, and will seek to patch the roughest parts of the parking lot until next school year.

The board approved renewing the district’s Minnesota State High School League membership for the new school year. A few of the services provided by the league include scholarships for Triple A winners, training for activities directors, administrative website assistance, rules for training officials and coaches, and student insurance for catastrophic injuries. Membership fee will be assessed in mid-August and are based on the number of activities a district sponsors. Last year’s fee was about $2,350.

The board also accepted the retirement of Kurt Isenberg, head custodian at Fairmont Elementary School, effective Sept. 1. Isenberg has been employed with the district since 2001.

The board accepted resignations from Lisa Carnhel, an elementary education teacher; and Heidi Andrews, special education paraprofessional, both effective June 5.

The board accepted donations of:

Hot dogs, bananas, ice cream and root beer, valued at $83, from Fairmont Hy-Vee to the ECFE end of year celebration.

A grant worth $2,562 from the Martin County Youth Foundation for the summer language immersion program for children in kindergarten and first grade.

An $840 grant from the Martin County Area Youth Foundation in support of English language learner families.

$2,000 from Apex Clean Energy Holdings to the robotics team.

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