The Fairmont Area School Board Tuesday received a report on the “World’s Best Workforce” from Jodi Kristenson, reading interventionist and literacy coordinator. World’s Best Workforce is a state law requiring schools to adopt a long-term, comprehensive strategic plan to support and improve teaching and learning.

Kristenson discussed goals and results, such as the goal of having 94 percent of kindergarten students be in progress or proficient on the Kindergarten Readiness Assessment. She noted that the average at Fairmont Area is 97.2 percent.

The school likewise exceeded a goal for third-grade students who met their fall-to-spring growth target on the aReading FASTBridge assessment in 2017-18. And the district achieved a 94 percent graduate rate in 2017-18, exceeding the 90 percent goal.

Discussing the “North Star Report,” a component of the World’s Best Workforce requirement, Kristenson displayed graphs showing that Fairmont Area exceeds state averages for things such as math achievement, math and reading progress, attendance and graduation.

The board also approved a change to the student medication policy, prohibiting medical cannabis from being administered on school property. Students who require medical cannabis during the school day will have to make arrangements with providers for off-site treatment.

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